Sporvejsmuseet Skjoldenæsholm – The Danish Tramway Society and Tramway Museum of Skjoldenæsholm

Electric Streetcars in Denmark – Site in English about Danish tramways
Erik V. Pedersen. – Trams from Copenhagen
Hovedstadens Letbane. – Copenhagens new Light Rail, the Ring3
Kai W. Mosegaard – Trams in Denmark and abroad
Letbaner.DK – Plans for new tramways in Copenhagen and all the other Danish projects
Min Trafikside. – About tram, railways and busses
Midttrafik. – Timetable for Aarhus Letbane
My 1 2 87 – Railway in model and 1:1, but also some trams
Myldretid – About busses and suburban trains in Denmark
Odense– The new Light Rail in Odense

Restaurant Sporvejen – restaurant in the city of Copenhagen
Sporvejsdrift – About trams in Aarhus
Sporvognsrejser– Henrik Boye has a homepage with many pictures and link from all over the World
Sporvogn nr.6/Tran No. 6
The Danish trams in Alexandria.
Tjalfe Bjørnsons Gallery – Pictures from Europe
Tog-billeder – Pictures from Copenhagen and Aarhus

Tramway – Site with software
Vognstyrer – (trolley driver) Historic Copenhagen trams
Aarhus Letbane.- Building the new Light Rail in Aarhus


Suomen Raitiotieseura Ry – Finnish Tramway Society


Bergen Elektriske Sporvei – Bergen Electric Tramway, museum tram in Bergen
Gråkallbanen. – The museumtramway of Trondheim
Trammuseum Oslo. – Society LTF from Oslo


Jönköpings Spårvagns- och Busshistoriska Sällskap
Museum Trams of Malmö.
Nordens Spårtrafik.
PGs World. – Photos from Malmö and Skjoldenæsholm, and the trolleybus in Lnadskrona
Spårvägssällskapet RINGLINIEN – Ringlinien Tramway Society in Göteborg
Stockhoms Spårvägsmuseum – The Tramway Museum of Stockholm.Svenska Spårvägssällskapet – Swedish Tramway Society Web pages with photographs, of tramways, buses, subways, trolleybuses

European link

AMTUIR. – French Tram Museum outside Paris.
Blickpunkt Strassenbahn – German site, with list of all tram system of the world and a lot of links
French Tramways
LRTA. – Light Rail Transit Association

Rest of the World

Drehscheibe Strassenbahn Forum – German site.
IRJ – International Railway Journal, have also news about trams
Metro Report – News from all over the World
Light Rail Now. – News from USA
UrbanRail.Net – Site with all tram- and metrosystems in the World
Urban Electric Transit – Fleet list from all over the World.
Urban Transport Magazine